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Saturday, 31 March 2012

I love your dream world

You are
most trusted illusion
I carry you
in the mundane realities
of my Life
everything metamorphosizes
into a 'real dream'
What else do i need?
Just a dream
And I know
This dream is enough
to set me mad.
I start loving this 'honest
world' - Someone Else's trusted Illusion!!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Grave of One's Own

Kashmir is an unmarked grave
Full of voices
Where everyone is born dead
With a rage to live!

I too am part
Of this grave business
I am writing today
Some unknown people
Have arrived
With strange tools
To count the dead....

I protest
I write

Mubashir Karim

Sunday, 18 March 2012

They say,they yearn/ I think, I die 

"Kashmir was a paradise you know"
I think of your beauty
"People lived in harmony"
And i think of those wondrous times
"There was peace"
And i think of those tranquil moments
"People used to loiter late nights"
And i think about mutual dreams
"Dal was as clean as faith"
And i think of your gazelle watery eyes
It all changed in 90s"
And i think about those turbulant times
"People were forced to flee"
And i think of our 'encounters'
"Bullets,bullets and bullets"
And i think of your fusillade of words
"Things have somehow 'changed' now"
I stop thinking
Change the topic please
I die
So does Kashmir