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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Synopsis Of Love

Love via Love
A Comparative Study Of Love

I Envisioned you
and fell in Love.
You my destiny
My design.
I will frisk
“My Love is selfish [and why] I cannot breathe without you”[1]

I’ll critically examine
the deep sea of Love
inside -
Will surely ruminate over
“I Love you as one loves certain dark things
secretly, between the shadow and the soul”[2]

To be in Love
with you

Review Of Literature
A lot has been
written and performed in Love
The stories of Laila Majnu,
Shirin Farhad and Romeo Juliet
will surely be my anchorage.
But my Love
will try to redefine
all this
I will thereby prove that
“There is always madness in love.
But [that] there is also always
some reason in madness”[3]

I will adopt
an analytical methodology
and will probe
deep in the
soul of my beloved
and will
critically prove that
“Reason is our soul’s left hand
faith her right”[4]

Primary Sources
Our Love of sorts

Secondary Sources
Everything on love
with Love
as Love.

[1] John Keats, Letters  to fanny Brawne, 13 October 1819
[2] Pablo Neruda, Love Sonnet XVII, trans. Mark Eisner, The Collected Poetry Of Pablo Neruda (2003) FSG publication pp 513
[3] Friedrich Nietzsche, Reading and Writing, Thus Spake Zarathustra(1999) trans. Thomas Common ,Pennsylvania State University, pp 46
[4]To the countess of Bedford by John Donne, Volume II, E K chambers ed. (1896) Lawrence and Bullen, pp15- 17

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Love Loneliness

I Love Loneliness
It drives me mad

Madly I love u!

I like it

Caress it
your memories

I have made myself
An effigy of your absence
I burn it
Beat it
Torture it
to yield you

I sell my words
In the bazaars of intellect
They smell of you.

I take refuge in loneliness

It drives me mad

I love you

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Politics of Love

The ‘uprising’ erupted
She ceased to be
My 'integral' part

The metaphysical 'newspaper'
discoursed about
Our 'tense situation'
conjectured about
Future emotional 'strategies'
People became 'experts'
Labelled it 'political' egoism

We said "nothing"

As an 'ambassador' of emotional 'affairs'
She smiles 'diplomatically'
And I 'pelt' Words