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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Woh Jo Log They

Woh Jo Log Dil se Utar Gaye
Woh He Dilbari Ki Misaal They

Woh Meri Yaad Ki 
Khad o Khal Se
Youn Raeza Raeza Bikhar Gaye
Jaise Dhund They 
Woh Khayaal They
Jaise Dhadkanoun Pe Sawaal They

Woh Jo Lamhe They
Jo Saal They
Tere Maujze They
Kamaal They

Meri Dasambaroun Ki 
Tum Woh Shawl They
Bunney Jis Pe 
Muhabbatoun K Khwaab They
Us Mein Waqt K Kuch Padhaow They
Magar Dil Fareb They
Bemisaal They

Ye Tang Raat K Dayirey
Mujhe Phir Sataaney Aagaye
Tum Wohi Lafz 
In Pe Dam Karo
Jo Muhabbatoun Ki Ijaad They

Mujhe Padhtein Hain Sab 
Ab Is Tarah
Jiase Purana Koi
Mein Ishtihaar Hoon
Mein Tou Waaqif Tha Kabse
Meri Jaan
Ki Faqat Tum He Mera Ik Raaz they….
Ki Faqat Tum He Mera Ik Raaz they….

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Political Example of Love

For example
My words are Kashmiris
And therefore 
My poems Kashmir itself.

Then you
My love
Represent a typical Indian State.
Trying everything on your part
To change meanings
And Occupy spaces
Within my poems.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Since its very inception
She is the Editor-in-chief
The Times of Love
I am its controversial columnist
Recently fired
For writing
A moving piece
The Politics of Possibilities in her Love.

Monday, 17 February 2014

An Appetite for Love (II)

I have developed
An Appetite for Love.

In Love
I want to eat the dense clouds
Morsel by morsel
And rain heavily on you.

In Love
I want to be
The shortest epic poem
Written only for you.

In Love
I want to count the blinking of your eyes
The movement of your lips
And multiply them with my kisses.

In Love
I want you to taste
Less like blood
More like a bullet.

In Love
I want to
Declare all Kashmiris
Children of Sisyphus.

In Love
I want to be an ethnographer
And scientifically study
Your culture of expressions.

In Love
I want you to shoot me
With your lips
And exonerate life from me.

In love
I want to read Derrida
As the last love poet.

In love
I want to call
All our private conversations
The missing pages of Waris Shah’s Heer.  

In love
I want to collect
All your clipped nails
As a souvenir of my excess longing.

In love
I want to publish all my poems
Through your lips
As one long condolence.

In love
I want to pretend
That you have memorized
All my poems by heart.
Click on the link to read An Appetite for Love (I)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


You never came
My Love
You never ever came.

I waited so long
In the alphabets of your name.

Monday, 3 February 2014

How credible is your Love?

"How credible is your Love?"
She asks

"Your casual face expression"
I answer
"commits a murder.
I die without a trace left.

My love is more credible than your question"