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Monday, 20 May 2013

Barren Words

The Memory of my Sky
Is occupied
By the Grief of Clouds.
My Love
How your Idea
Dances barefoot
Out there.
Even the Sufi whirls envy you.

I poor poet
pour Ink
over the dry lips
of my Barren Words.

Friday, 10 May 2013

This Poem Shoem

My Beloved,
This Love Shuv
This Absence Vebsence
This Mood Vood
This Life Vife
This Tragedy Vagedy
These Emotions Vemotions
This Happiness Vappiness
This Death Weath
This Friendship Vriendship
This Passion Vassion
These Feelings Veelings
This Paradise Varadise
This Philosophy Vilosophy
This Hell Vell
This Existence Vexistence
This Thinking Vinking
This Idea Videa
Etcetra Vetcetra
Are Nothing Vothing
All but the Aftermaths Vaftermaths
Of your Presence Vresence.