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Friday, 22 February 2013

Obviously Kashmir: Troops and Tropes

Once upon a time there existed a ‘countrary’ of Oxymorons. The Oxymorons ruled almost the whole of Figures of Speech land. But, one day something quite strange happened there. A Simile developed a strange power to summon as many expressions as possible. This act of the Simile created a huge problem within metaphors. The metaphors believed that this act of the simile, in a way, questioned their very existence. The metaphors therefore, because of their friendly relations with the Oxymorons, filed a case against the Simile. This triggered the fellow Similes to protest like police. As such, a curfew was imposed all over the village where the Similes lived. The village of the Similes was more or less like a dungeon. The similes, because of the pitiable ambience of the village and their poor conditions, had been affected with a macabresque features like death, like darkness, like apparitions. And there were many other factors which could have been, in one way or other, responsible for this change. But, it's pertinent here to tell you as much as not to offend the Oxymorons. For if they get to know that someone is narrating all this to those who use them as neatly as possible they’ll be furious. The simile, as I was saying with no fault of its own, was sentenced to death. And nothing but death. Thereafter, on the day of its execution the convicted Simile summoned a feeling and wrote down a letter...

A Simile is always ‘like’ something. But, I hope one day a time would come when we’ll be ‘like’ everyone.

This letter this feeling never reached the fellow Similes.
They still struggle.
Today the Oxymorons form the largest democracy in the world.
A paradox.

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