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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Another Body/Another Land

That Night
He came brimming as a Conspiracy.
Started loving me fanatically
Like a Dictator
In a state of emergency.

Obsessed with Power
He overthrew my body.
Observed my every move
As if devising a new plot.

He policed me keenly
Like a seditious statement.
His lips
That night
Resembled the Media
Loaded to seduce
With catchy phrases.

His rough skin
Scratched strange Maps
Altering the entire landscape in me.

He edited all my words out
Removed them altogether
With his diplomatic kisses.

He inserted all his madness
Revolution, Rage in me.
I shuddered:
An uninterrupted earthquake.

My Body
A profiteering Factory.
My Hair
An opaque smoke.
My Chest
A Nuclear Plant
In its nascent state.

By the End of the night
When the Wind blew like News
I could sense
His whole Army in my mind
Shooting Pain.

He was Satisfied
He declared.
And why should he not be?
He had dramatically conquered
Another Body/Another Land.

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